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Dai Takemoto profile

While working as a part-time assistant at the sound laboratory of Tokyo University of Arts, Mr.Takemoto learned recording techniques from Mr. Makoto Iwasaki and the late Mr. Shunsuke Wakabayashi.With 2 years of experience at the laboratory,
Mr. Takemoto started his own recording business.Mr. Takemoto edits and records music and songs mainly for Soukyoku(koto) and Shakuhachi artists. Mr. Takemoto also designs and constructs studio facilities. Toshihiko Mizuno, RINKO and Shingo Edo, the famous musicians, are his major customers and they strongly rely on his skill of editing and recording their music and songs.
Mr. Takemoto is best known for his ability in microphone placement, maxmizing the sound quality of the performance.
Mr. Takemoto is well respected by many musicians for his work. 。

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