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Sasamoto Takeshi Profile

Mr. Takeshi Sasamoto was born in 1966, and comes from chikuinsha, kinkoryu-styled shakuhachi Iemoto family, the head of the traditional japanese shakuhachi school in Ibaraki.
Mr. Sasamoto is an alumus of Tokyo University of Arts where he took shakuhachi as a mojor. He proceeded to the music study course at the Tokyo University of Arts, graduate school and recieved a master degree. He learned to play the shakuhachi from Master Sasamoto soushu, Master Niseihatsumi shoukyou and Master Goro Yamaguchi. In addition, he learned to play the ryuteki(Dragon voice flute) from Master Sukeyasu Shiba.

He is not only the leading player of Gagaku music (traditional japanese music) but also he has been honored to become the first performer to play in hundreds of contemporary music. He has been successful in reviving the Japanese traditonal musical instruments found in Shosoin and persorming them.. He has revivied various types of Haisho (Japanese anciant panpipe) as well as the other instruments. He invented `Body Box`, a new way of playing music which you can reduce the stress on the instruments while you are playing.

Mr. Sasamoto is one of the top musicians who can play traditional Japanese musical instruments which were considered to be antique. He is a professional player of the ryuteki and performs all around the world as well as in Japan. He accompanied the Kaguyahime playing his ryuteki 12 times at the Opera National de Paris.

Mr. Sasamoto released a lot of his own musical scores and CDs. One of his CDs, Edo-komachi hit top sales in Japanese musical instruments genre. He also wrote some of the books for the Gagaku fans and learners.`Hajimetemo Gagaku' published by Tokyo shuppan in 2003 'Zusetsu Gagaku nyumon jiten' published by Kashiwa shobou in 2006.

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